yamaha chappy polini 70cc 45mm cylinder kit

yamaha chappy polini 70cc 45mm cylinder



45mm cast iron 70cc cylinder for yahama chappy mopeds. kit has giant intake ready for your 4 petal reed block.

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips and gaskets.

get a reed block HERE! these are the only ones that fit!!

one wicked kit, jimmy's fav


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The best Chappy Cylinder ever September 27, 2017
taco eater : Danza Octav from Sinnamary, French Guiana France  
This cylinder is a plug and pay original cylinder replacement.
Can be used like stock for just more power or like a race moded moped.
It's very well made and very solid. The best chappy cylinder I ever used, even better than the originl one. The more it gets old, the more powerfull it become.
You can make your chappy run 70mph if you mod the exhaust hole and some other stuff, with 19 carb, an exhaust, an electronic ignition (Motoplat) and by changing the sprockets

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rubber clutches suck August 13, 2014
taco eater : ryan mayer from Apple Valley, CA United States  
Rumor has it that these take very little modification to make work on a garelli noi engine;)

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looks awesome... December 7, 2013
taco eater : nakia hamilton from covington, KY United States  
does it work with the stock qt50 head?

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Great kit July 23, 2012
taco eater : Michael Sallie from Canon City, CO United States  
Instslled on 1980 lb50, stock exhaust, stock reed valve, lb80 carb from a 76, high compression o ring head.  Stock setup chappy was very slow at 22mph.  Kit is extremely easy to install in under 15 minutes.  Bike now performes like its big brother lb80.  Still under break in, top speeds have reached 36 so far and getting stronger with every mile.  Altitude here is 5500ft so I'm sure you low landers will see even greater gains.  I can tell this kit has more to offer with a pipe and still bigger yet carb. Not enough oooooos in taco to rate this properly. Get it! If you can start your bike you can install this.

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polini kit June 21, 2010
taco eater : ivan lopresti from landing, NJ United States  
i just installed the 70 cc kit, my chappy has the gianelli exhaust on it, and i had the stock head shaved a few years back. now before the polini kit the chappy got up to 32 mph max. now with 70 cc it got to only 32mph but got there quicker, from 25 and up it was picking up speed fast, now at 32 mph my rear wheel locked up, i skidded a long distance. i thought engine was shot, but after it started up??? is there a break in period for this? please let me know thanx

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