yamaha QT50 LB50 LB80 chappy round headlight - chrome
yamaha QT50 LB50 LB80 chappy round headlight - chrome



yamaha qt50 yamahopper LB50 LB80 chappy stock-like replacement headlight in startling chrome!!!

featuring all steel construction.

uses p15d / t19 base bulbs! comes with a 6v 15w/15w dual filament bulb!! if ya need more grab some here!

easy plug n play connectors that should match up to your existing ones even, not color wise, but connector type... is it true? idk, you tell me.

mounting width is 5.6 inches

the lens is 4 1/2" wide!

good option if you are looking to replace these OEM part #s 388-84110-61, 388-84120-61, 261-84315-61

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3 of 5 Did not fit like original December 2, 2022
taco eater : Brendan Baxter from Newburgh, NY United States  
I was told this would fit the original bucket of my qt50 yamahopper. It did not. So i had to use the original headlight bucket. but that didn’t fit and i don’t have washers so it is currently bent. but it’s on. the headlight itself is keeping it from getting too bent. It works but your gonna have to make it work. i suggest tons of washers. Side note: the wires are really hard to unplug from the original headlight connector

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5 of 5 Just what the QT needs! September 21, 2021
taco eater : Brando from Buffalo, NY United States  
Took a gamble on this as you can't easily get OEM bulbs in it's sealed nature and I didnt want to try to cobble together a replaceable blub myself... well let me tell ya... you dont even need the bucket, the headlight ring fits perfectly over the OEM QT50 light housing!  You might have to spin the lens so that "TOP" is actually up, but nothing that some pliers can't solve!  The wiring is plug and play too!
Thanks TREATS!

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5 of 5 Works perfect on Chappy lb50 and lb80 July 20, 2020
taco eater : Jack Rutherford from Columbus, OH United States  
May also work on Champ like a champ. Jack’s got your back. Replaceable bulb!

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