yamaha DT50 RZ50 athena 50cc gasket set
yamaha DT50 RZ50 athena 50cc gasket set


gasket set for the yamaha dt50 + rz50 liquid cooled 50cc motorcycle! radddddddddd

comes with head, base, clutch, exhaust, intake, water pump and crank case gasket and some o-rings!! woaaoh

this gasket set fits models 1988-1993!

made by athena!

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hmm ok, wicked good deal March 14, 2015
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Austin, TX United States  
this is pretty decent, like almost all athena stuff, like totally reasonable and nice quality but somewhat lacking.

if you buy the gaskets from yamaha or whatever its like 80 bucks. so this is a super good deal, and the gaskets fit really close to perfect, and some are hard to come by.

The head gasket is the exception, it is kinda turdy. Its a composite gunky thing and the original one is MLS (multiple layer steel).

So buy this for everything but buy the OEM head gasket, then use a little goop around the outside sealing edge. Or it will leak some coolant and leave little rusty boogers on your cylinder.

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