xtreme CHROME adjustable 10mm shocks - 300mm
xtreme chrome adjustable shocks - 300mm


these shocks are 300mm and will work perfectly on any maxi, newport, pinto, swinger, motobecane, peugeot, sachs, etc.

10mm eyelets, use your stock ones or get some 8mm shock inserts!!

they will also work on a slew of other bikes - basically anything with a shock length near 300mm. please check for compatibility before purchase if you have any doubts.

they are super heavy duty with 3 adjustable settings.

treasured customer jay writes in from jamaica plains with this update --

thought i'd give you the lowdown on them from a moby standpoint -- these shocks take 10mm bolts, rather than the standard 8mm bolts that the stock moby shocks use, so anyone who buys these will need to pick up new bolts in order to make these shocks work. what this means is that it is also necessary to drill out original bolt holes in the frame so that the new bolts fit. in addition to that, these shocks are WAY wider than stock, so you have to make a couple spacers for the top and bottom bolts to keep the shocks straight and away the frame.

HOWEVER, these are so insanely fantastic and are about 100 times better to ride on than stockā€”the difference is really astounding. im riding a 50v with a hobbit front end and these in the rear, and all the sudden potholes, bumps, curbs, and manhole covers are no longer even a factor. SUCH a smooth ride, and a super-worthwhile upgrade.

the spring diameter is 48mm

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5 of 5 Blindingly Chromeeeeee January 9, 2016
taco eater : steven nadeau from pawtucket, RI United States  
Wicked nice Chrome plating, looking like it might be high quality triple plated chrome all around !! Should resist rust/corrosion waaaay longer than cheaper versions out there on the market, and the spring tension when loaded is Amazing ! Cant wait to show off these bad mutha's come spring !

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4 of 5 stiff June 9, 2013
taco eater : assmunch from WAYLAND, MA United States  
Pretty wide/beefy and look really nice. Reaaallly steeeeefffff. I weigh 170 and get only a little bit of movement out of these guys. Still a good buy though.

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2 of 5 Still bottom out July 4, 2012
taco eater : Robert Lovato from Portland, OR United States  
I weigh 200+ pounds even on the stiffest preset I still bottom out. I will have to try 310 mm. hopefully that will fix my problem. Look good though.

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5 of 5 No more bouncy bouncy March 23, 2012
taco eater : Bruce Woodburn from Rock Island, IL United States  
Put a set of these on my '79 Honda PA50II, and wow, what an improvement in the ride!  I have them at the lowest setting so far, and they carry my, well apportioned hind end very nicely, and no more bouncy bouncy down the street we go.  Plus, they're nice and shinny too.  Oh, they say they only have 3 adjustment settings, but the pair they sent me have 5, even though so far, the last four are just for show.

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4 of 5 pinto problems August 18, 2011
taco eater : jordan melville from savannah, GA United States  
havent had these shocks on the road yet so no performance notes yet but the tops are too beefy without getting a longer cross bolt or cutting a tiny tab out of the frame. so if your going to put this on a pinto be ready to cut tiny bits out of the frame right before the bookrack or getting a longer bolt to mount the shocks with more space. or try them upside down

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