xtra long puch magnum top shock mounting bolt 220mm -XTRA LONG EDITION
xtra long puch magnum top shock mounting bolt 220mm



extra long puch magnum top shock mounting bolt. its so nice and shiny and new.. fits on puch magnums and freespirits! oh and if you need the nuts you can find them here!

This is the XTRAAA LONG VERSION, stock is 205mm. Maybe you have some need for a longer one for some reason?? If you do.. you just found it. This version will be TOO LONG for a stock setup so make sure you have some extra junk you want to add on to take up that space.

220mm length 8mm diameter 17mm of m8 x 1.25 thread on each side. what more could you want?

they are zinc-ed steel so they look great and will last a long time. so cool! it is specially suited for added accessories and fatter shocks and racks and squirrel traps and bottle openers and even led lights if you like.

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5 of 5 Big shock rockers rejoice! January 28, 2019
taco eater : Taylor Duncan from Columbus, OH United States  
You already know you need to add fender washers to the inside and outside of your shock mount for the best long term performance. When I went to do this with the Xxxxtreme chrome shocks, I ended up cutting my own stainless shock mount to my own spec. Well, with this you don’t need a lathe or any special skills, just slide that sucker in there and get to assembly. Nice and needed new product 👍

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