vforce 8 petal reed block for minarelli AM6 ++ puch gilardoni
vforce 8 petal reed block for minarelli AM6 ++ puch gilardoni



here's the 8 petal vforce reed block for many bikes! use it on any kit that has that size reed block like puch gilardoni, derbi flat reed 4 petal block set, yamaha chappy, aprilia rs50, derbi GPR, senda, all minarelli AM6 engines and more!

peugeot malossi case perhaps with slight modification?.....

62mm x 37mm mounting holes
reed portion needs a hole around 48mm x 37mm

0.3mm reeds


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5 of 5 Perfect RS50 fit July 10, 2022
taco eater : Jason DeFore from Tecumseh, MI United States  
I was having issues with a modded RS50. I already had vforce reeds on there, but something seemed way off with the intake. I ordered a new set here and man, the old ones weren't even for the RS... they were for a KTM 50.

Anyways these work perfect.

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5 of 5 Like yeah man, 8 petals May 7, 2015
taco eater : Dingleberry ImmenHoffer from seattle, WA United States  
I put this on my MB5 and it added like 1,000 rpm to my top end.  This thing is beautiful and will fit on your MB5 with the spacer they sell here.  I have it tied into a VM20 and a Proma pipe and an HPI igniton and its AWESOME.  

However, you will have to enlarge the mounting holes to get it to fit.  Chuck the reed block in your bench vise and use a round file to enlarge the holes.

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5 of 5 do you want the best? or...? December 22, 2011
taco eater : rodney treats from san bruno, CA United States  
i was using stock until i put these in. i always run 18 x 40 gearing on gila, and now with these reeds it goes crazy around 30mph. cant tell much on takeoff cause it's sort of steep gearing since i go for 65mph+ but once it gets past that initial take off (which actually feelts a bit snappier) it PULLS. i also did some minor porting on my gila cylinder in the intake middle channel - opened it up almost all the way so it matches where it opens up on the inside and i was going up a hill yesterday on a test run and it booked it up this hill from 30mph to 55 just pulling the whole way. i can definitely tell a difference from the big 4 petal to this.

havent tried top 8 petal, but just from seeing both and knowing each company, i honestly trust vforce more. plus i put a b9hs plug in and my temp only topped at 390 that whole run when i was going 60mph+ actually helps keep your cylinder cooler to have vforce too, paired with some porting and a cooler plug.

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5 of 5 gilarini runs this reed block.. August 27, 2010
taco eater : matt Vassallo from Largo, FL United States  
.. and loves it.

extra fast.

extra blast.

yeah.  response is through the roof.

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