vespa piaggio tecno speedy stock ++ exhaust pipe - 40km + 22mm header
vespa tecno stock pipe



stock like vespa pipe by tecno. made for vespa mopeds. no squish on the header. not for ciao. this pipe is for all the other vespa piaggio mopeds, like bravo and grande and si and citta and whatever else ya got.

this is also what they call the speedy version, like 40km + + version!, ya know, ya get it, you get a lil more all in one dreamy stock like pipe. wow who woulda guessed, reminds me a when the guru used to hide expansion chambers in stock puch pipes. tricky, so rad.

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taco eater : Micahwave65 from Mount Pleasant, MI United States  
Pretty great little muffler for my grande, definitely a good upgrade from the silver little stock one. I gained about 4 mph with a little upjet. It takes off a little faster too! It wiggled on with help from a rubber hammer. Only little issue is the stock rear tire on 1980 grande is 2.75 wide and rubs a little bit on the side of the tire slightly. need to upgrade yer tire to the new 2.50 wide tires and the rubbing will go away.

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good pipe November 2, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Rochester, MI United States  
I recently bought two of these pipes, one for my Si and Grande.
First, the pipe bolted right up for the Grande.
Second though, the pipe bolted to the cylinder of the Si fine, but the rear mounting bolt flange on the new pipe does not align to the stock rear hole.
It's inches away, thus you must drill a new hole in the subframe for the new pipes rear flange.
Lastly with both pipes, you do not get a new rear flange bolt and you can't use the stock 13mm bolt.  You will have to go buy a new rear bolt that is US standard threads.

Just keep this in mind when you buy these pipes! : )

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Nice Boost for a Stock Grande November 10, 2011
taco eater : Mariano Ulibarri from Las Vegas, NM United States  
Bolted up easily on my '79 Grande. Paired with a Malossi Hi Flow Filter and a slight upjet it added noticeable power across the entire range and added 4-5mph in top speed. Well worth the price! Looks nice & stock too...

My Grande has SAE nuts & bolts - this is threaded metric. No big deal.

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