vespa polini 43mm 64cc kit - 10pin - no head

vespa polini 43mm kit



polini kit, 43mm 64cc cylinder kit for 10pin. cylinder, piston, two rings, wrist pin, clips, base gasket and stickers

polini cast iron with dual ring piston, insane boost port, 64ccs of raw power for makin 4.5HP at 8400 RPMs!

drop this in your stock case with only port matching to complete. seriously rad, no case boring. bolt and go. i bet you can use your stock head! try it. see if it works. or get one of the 43mm polini heads for ciao or bravo/grande

10mm wrist pin size -that's the size of wrist pin in millimeters.

vespa mopeds - bravo, grande, si, kinetic, tfr - this will fit on any of these!


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