vespa pinasco 75cc 46mm nikasil cylinder kit 12 pin - ciao head
vespa pinasco 46mm 12pin ciao cylinder kit


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Pinasco 46mm 75cc nikasil cylinder kit for all vespa mopeds - bravo, ciao, grande, si, kinetic, tfr

yes these are aluminum nikasil lined, unlike all the other 46mm vespa cylinders.

this size requires you to grind the case out to fit the sleeve, as in it is freakin huge. reputably one of thee most amaaazing cylinders out there for vespa!!! score!!!

includes cylinder, piston, rings, ciao style head, wrist pin, clips, and gaskets. a complete party in a box.

cylinder may be black or just unpainted aluminum. no picky choosey

comes with ciao style head, so it will work perfectly with all vespa mopeds - ciao, si, bravo, grande, kinetic. what's the deal on this ciao style head? its smaller profile so it can fit on the ciao where there is less room. works great on any vespa though as noted. If you have a vespa si, bravo, or grande get this version, with larger cooling fins.

12mm wrist pin size, so this will work on most all USA versions of vespa and kinetic mopeds. there is the rare 10mm wrist pin vespa in the US though, so check first if in doubt. Euros you need the 10mm version of this cylinder.

ever wonder what life with a pinasco 46mm cylinder is like?

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5 of 5 faster blaster September 16, 2014
taco eater : Casserollers Tyler from Minneapolis, MN United States  
Super fun big boy kit. I also ran a 46mm polini kit on evo cases, the pinasco on my speed cases is faster and way more fun!

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5 of 5 love this kit so much December 3, 2010
taco eater : terry dean cain from san francisco, CA United States  
so stoked to finally see this thing state side! the ports are little, but even still my ciao saw 60+mph with no porting! then i ported the hell out of it and who knows how fast it went..
after 4 years of hard riding and the wrong ring, it's finally starting to tire out a bit. if i don't go some crazy 50cc water cooled french bike kit next, it'll be another one of these for sure.

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