vespa pinasco 60cc 42mm nikasil cylinder kit 10 pin - bravo head
vespa pinasco 42mm 60cc 10pin bravo cylinder kit - 25028891

alternate reality price $159.99


Pinasco 42mm 60cc aluminum nikasil cylinder kit for most vespa mopeds - bravo, grande, si, kinetic, tfr.

includes cylinder, 10mm wrist pin piston, 42mm x 1.5mm GI rings, bravo style head, wrist pin, clips.

doesn't come with a base or head gasket so get some HERE if ya like?

comes with bravo/grande/si style head, so it will work perfectly with most vespa mopeds - si, bravo, grande, kinetic. what's the deal on this style head? its slightly larger profile, with side cooling fins, however it will not fit on vespa ciao as those require a smaller head.

does not come with a decomp valve so you'll have to use your old one or get a new one!

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