vespa piaggio single speed to VARIATED conversion input shaft!!
vespa piaggio single speed to VARIATED conversion input shaft!!



the time has come!! finally, a conversion shaft for that DREADED vespa single speed transmission of yours! simply take off the top cover of the single speed transmission and remove the original input shaft and replace it with this bad boy. easy as cake.

this is for STRAIGHT cut gears only!! if you have helical cut gears, yer outta luck.

you will be able to install all standard variated clutch / driven pulley components onto the new input shaft!!

for best results, use a 6.7:1 ratio single speed transmission! when installed on a 6.7:1 transmission the gearing is VERY tall (malossi is 8.93:1) so make sure you have a rippin setup that can pull em!!

comes with a nut and an "alignment" bushing. not too sure where this fits into the equation as I didn't need it on the one I tested but maybe your single speed trans is different and it'll all make sense where it goes.

also, after installing the input shaft, be sure to change the transmission gear oil after a couple tanks of gas as the teeth will wear into the shape/existing wear pattern of the original single speed intermediate gears.

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Warning! December 26, 2018
taco eater : Christophe Jallard from Geneva, Geneva Switzerland  
There is different Piaggio's housings and most of them(vario and mono) are 4 shafts helicoidal design (at least in Europe). Your input shaft is made for 2 shafts straight design. So your option could be a nice innovation for Piaggio 's owner but you need to :

Sell the big straight cut pignon to fit your shaft.
Make another with helicoidal design to fit 4 shafts housings.

I'm sure you'll sell a lot of these... But for now I'm a bit stuck looking everywhere to find a two shafts housing!

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