vespa piaggio polini country pipe - ciao version

vespa piaggio polini country pipe ciao




speedy performance pipe for vespa piaggio ciao and kinetic

excellent, amazing pipe for ciao riders to get a blast o power without sacrificing pedals or kickstand. in this world of sacrifices this time you don't have to make one, hmm, at least not to the pedal and kick gods

be sure to upjet to find the speed, dudes!

this is the ciao verion so it's got the squished header to fit past the pedal sprocket on the ciao. of coarse you can run this on any vespa or kinetic, but the other version has the unsqishy header


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5 of 5 Sweet 2 hour addition to my ride! August 11, 2017
taco eater : Amanda Amundson from Breckenridge, MN United States  
Wish I could add photos. The other reviewers are correct that nothing is plug and play but it you want a lift from the standard stick pipe, want a clean look, that can be added to your bike with minimal skills needed on your peddle start Ciao this is the way to go. Took a couple gentle shimmies, swear words and adult beverages but seriously if my husband and me can get this changed out in less then an afternoon you will be just fine. It did give me a little performance lift (maybe a little smoother at the 25 to 30 mph) but the look and the sound is what I love. I tell people that my new pipe makes me sound less like a lawn mower and more like a bad a** dirt bike. It has a nice low rap that makes me feel like I could join a club.

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4 of 5 in regards to mounting August 21, 2011
taco eater : Ari from Brooklyn, NY  
we all know nothing is ever truly "bolt-on" and this pipe, while very close to being bolt-on, took a bit more work than simply slapping it on. It required a good amount of dremeling in order to get the collar around the exhaust port since there was a bit of clear coat on the inside which needed to be removed. After taking some material out of the collar and a few whacks with the mallet it sits perfectly. Love the fact that I can still use my pedals and kickstand, and that the mount sits totally flush with the frame so it's super duper secure.

As others mentioned, a solid upgrade if you're running stock.

The pipe is super light and machined really well, especially on the baffle.

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3 of 5 nice stock + pipe May 19, 2011
taco eater : Jacob Morris from Corona, CA United States  
great quality with a nice sound to it. Not as much performance as other pipes but good for a stock setup

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3 of 5 better than stock May 24, 2010
taco eater : joeped from portland, OR United States  
This pipe is ok for a stock cylinder but dont expect much from a kitted bike with this pipe. I like it on a stock single speed ciao though. quiet and better than stock by a fair amount

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