vespa piaggio polini 43mm 64cc kit - 12pin - ciao head

vespa piaggio polini 64cc 43mm kit


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polini cast iron dual ring piston, insane boost port, 64ccs of raw power for makin 4.5HP at 8400 RPMs!

drop this in your stock case with only port matching to complete. seriously rad, no case boring. bolt and go.

12mm wrist pin size -that's the size of wrist pin in millimeters. this one comes with the ciao style head that will fit in the ciao frame and all other vespa frames, and looks bad ass.

Polini kit, 43mm giant cylinder. you get head, cylinder, piston, two rings, wrist pin, clips and base gasket.

vespa mopeds - bravo, ciao, grande, si, kinetic, tfr - this will fit on any of these!


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5 of 5 better January 30, 2014
taco eater : moped man from portland, OR United States  
its  better  quality than other 43 kits  no broken rings or bad wear problems  a couple bucks more but bang for buck worth it  so I bought 2

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5 of 5 blasty March 1, 2013
taco eater : Conor Boone from Lexington, KY United States  
had to champher this monster, but it rips, not even portmached, and yes, its way faster than stock

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5 of 5 torque monster August 9, 2011
taco eater : C.D. from Chicago, IL United States  
they also have a 41mm version of this same kit somewhere over seas. but the quality as always from polini is very good. it can give you a high amount of HP(relative to mopeds) and it'll getcha runnin of the line FAST and pulls pretty decent all the way up to the top end. its a bit more than the malossi equivelent, but it's a whole lot more "bang on" over the whole range of the powerband

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