vespa piaggio olympia 43mm kit - 12 pin
vespa piaggio olympia 43mm kit - 12 pin



the 43mm olympia kit for vespa piaggio mopeds. 12 pin variety. for all vespa mopeds and kinetic.

this kit is a perfect upgrade for anyone who wants more power without having to do much work. just bolt it on and up-jet. no case matching required. bolt and go! simple cast iron design for lasting performance!

comes with cylinder, dual ring piston, rings, wrist pin, clips and metal base gasket.

the olympia kits obviously have different pistons for the 12pin and 10pin kits, but they also have different rings for each size. this 12pin kit uses 43mm x 1.5mm rings like these.

Will, thee lover of ciao writes, "the olympia 43mm kit was originally produced by DR prior to the evolution 43mm kit. it seems that olympia purchased the molds from DR and continue to produce it which is awesome. this is a true bolt and go 43mm kit as the transfers are identical to stock and it has relatively mild port timings. massage it with a dremel and scream."

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Ok not my fave April 23, 2014
taco eater : DJ Lou Spin from houston, TX United States  
purchased this kit, worked well for a while but then i had issue with it, gave to my friend and he is hitting 40mph on his ciao.  I have a DR on my grande and that bad boy is a beast.  I would recommend the extra money for the DR.

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great stuff January 15, 2014
taco eater : moped man from portland , OR United States  
very simple great quality  mine has a good power band not pipey or temper mental if your on a budget its a awesome deal and even better it can be bored out larger if you blow it up and pistons arnt expensize do you want to ride or look at it I my self like to ride

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Nice Kit September 25, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Minneapolis, MN United States  
Original cylinder was seized, put this on my stock Grande, just had to do some carburetor tuning. Has a great low end as previously stated, high end is about the same.

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alright kit August 9, 2011
taco eater : C.D. from Chicago, IL United States  
from a dude who rides and specalizes on vespas, the quality on this is pretty decent, but there's no real "special features" to it. it is a low to mid range kit though, not huge on the top end, but if you're trying to get around at around 40ish...this is a good way to go.

get a bigger carb, and you can even rock your stock exhaust if you dont wanna spend a lot of money

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Solid and Simple March 9, 2011
taco eater : Jason W from Louisville, KY  
This kit is an easy upgrade from my stock cylinder.  It's more of a low and mid range kit.  Perfect for city riding.  This kit can run all day long with little risk to seizing.  If you're looking for a kit that's solid and simple...this is your kit.  Pair it with a leovince circuit pipe for extra low to mid range pep!

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