vespa piaggio malossi race gears - 13:1
vespa piaggio malossi race gears - 13:1


malossi straight cut race gears for variated vespa and kinetic mopeds. ciao, bravo, grande, si and the rest!!

you may find that these gears can be a bit hard to turn at first. don't be dismayed. that's how they are. they are very stiff at first. you may want to read some info here for inspiration and instructions on how to put these in yer bike!!!.

you'll need a new gear box gasket when you put these gears in, so might as well get one now.

you MAY need to re-shim your transmission as the dimensions of the malossi gears are slightly different. often times they bind up a little bit and need a thinner shim behind the output shaft between the gearbox housing and pedal disengagement spring! grab one or two here!

13:1 ratio


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