vespa piaggio giannelli STOCK-like pipe - SI version
vespa piaggio giannelli STOCK-like pipe - SI version



giannelli stock-like pipe for piaggio SI!!!

note this does not have the squished header that the ciao version has! so no no no if you have a ciao!! also, it's too long for bravo and grande...really just for SI

comes with a rad lil aluminum heat shield too!

22.5mm header ID

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4 of 5 Not gonna day it doesn’t fit On a Bravo. December 11, 2019
taco eater : Jeremy from New Hamshire  
I can’t say it doesn’t fit on a Bravo, because I put it on my Bravo, but doing so involved some bending of the header and cutting off the mounting bracket and re welding it (the Si has a longer subframe, so mounting hole is farther back).  If you’re looking for a bolt on solution, you’re probably better off with the Ciao version, but if you can hack this one, you get a longer, unsquished header, so probably a bit more performance. Also on the upside, you get to cut and weld and bend metal, and who doesn’t like doing that!

Having said that, the pipe is nice- a good performance boost over stock while keeping the stock look.  So five tacos for the pipe, five stars for the part of the description that says “should fit nicely on bravo and grande as well!”

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