vespa piaggio c40 STEEL racing variated clutch bell - BLACK
vespa piaggio c40 STEEL racing variated clutch bell - BLACK



new steel CNC'd vespa piaggio variated clutch bell! this bell is at the forefront of vespa ripper technology.

this one is all steel and way stronger due to the single piece CNC design utilizing c40 steel. heavier than the aluminum version (obviously) weighing in at 514g which is still 46g lighter than a stock bell!

***these bells are a little tight on the shaft when first installing! be sure to remove your woodruff key and very lightly sand the OD of the input shaft with some high grit sand paper where the bell mounts until the bell slides on nice n easily. better that it's like this than the too loose though!! ***

this bell is NUDE meaning you will need to swap over your starter clutch pads, springs, circlip and washer!

in a very attractive shade of greyish black...

for variated vespa only!

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5 of 5 I had the aluminum one too April 13, 2018
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
These fit on the malossi shaft just fine; the stock shaft is tight and the bell won't come off easy once it's been cranked down. I hit the stock shaft using the old clutch bell and a bit of lapping compound until i dont need to use a claw puller to remove my fancy bell. Works great.

Rip dicks and don't worry about blowing off a leg or killing your neighbors cat with clutch shrapnel. Life's good.

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