vespa piaggio ULTRA CROSS competition forks - 25.5mm headtube - CIAO
vespa piaggio ULTRA CROSS competition forks - 25.5mm headtube - CIAO

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NEW EBR ultra CROSS hydraulic competition forks. these are specifically designed for moped dirt cross type events!! ultra beefy 32mm fork tubes for superior ride quality and strength. disk brake only!! there is no tab for traditional drum style brakes.

make sure you check your measurements before buying!!

25.5mm x 1mm head tube diameter threading...found on almost all vespa!!

215mm tall head tube with 55mm of thread.

this version approx 27.75" long and 19.5" from the bottom of the triple tree to the axle center

the caliper mount is 53mm from eyelet to eyelet

uses dirt bike style AXLES!! the axle thru hole on the caliper side of the fork leg is 12mm and 15mm on the other side!

spacing between fork legs is approx 120mm at the axle

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5 of 5 Beefy Boi's June 2, 2021
taco eater : @Kickstandbois from Detroit, MI United States  
I just installed these on a Vespa Bravo frame. They are waaaaay more intense than any other ebr fork. Like even more so than hydros with pre load caps. Much longer and wider tubes than stock tubes as well. The 15mm axle side can be fixed with the tomos reducers yo make it 12mm like the other. Im running vespa 4 star mags wheels with sealed bearings. The treats sealed kit is for 11mm axles, so I bored the spacer to 12mm to make the wheel work. Also I flipped the tubes in the headset so the caliper mount is on the brake plate side. Going to make a bracket to be able to still run drum brakes. These will probably dent your bravo tank if you turn too hard, Dirtped shit

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