vespa piaggio SUPER DELUXE aluminum rear pulley
vespa piaggio SUPER DELUXE aluminum rear pulley

pulley size

insanely high quality CNC machined aluminum rear drive pulleys for all non variating piaggio vespa mopeds and kinetics. ciao, boxer n more! no more stupid wobbly non concentric stamped stock pulley action in your life.

this should cut down on vibration pretty significantly as well!

choose your size! we have 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm and 95mm! from super top speed to ultimate low end! check the drop down menu for available sizes. if the size you want is not there, we are out of stock and will get more soon.

check out belt selection for the right belt to match your new pulley

105mm = stock single speed bravo!!!
95mm = stock ciao!!
80mm = stock citta!

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