vespa piaggio SHAFT golden dawn - 27mm flange
vespa piaggio SHAFT golden dawn - 27mm flange



new old stock SHAFT performance exhaust pipe for vespa moped! should fit all vespa models? maybe? i don't have a ciao to check but i sure wish i did!

should be a lil pumper on a stock cylinder or mild kit! its named speed flash cause all the hotties flash u when u speed by on your moped!

lots of lil scratches and light surface rust on this one. bbq paint it or rock it as is. no returns, this is a piece of 80's history that doesn't exist on the internets really.

***THIS HAS A 27MM ID flange!! normal vespa cylinders are 22mm!! it will work on kits like the DEPS 47mm, DEPS 43mm cast iron, and pinasco DEPS that utilize a thread in flange that can be changed out to the oversize 27mm size. also works on a plethora of ultra rare 80's and 90's euro kits that came with fixed 27mm flanges.***

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