vespa piaggio OLD style stockish VARIATED clutch spring
vespa piaggio OLD style stockish VARIATED clutch spring


stock replacement clutch spring for the older style variated vespa clutches!!

these are NOT for the euro 100mm clutch assemblies! those use much shorter springs that are less proprietary. pretty much any variated vespa imported to the US from the 70s - mid 80s uses this style spring.

a lil tiny bit stiffer than stock! maybe 10%? replace those clapped out springs that have been in yer clutch for so many years with some freshies!

sold individually! you need.... 3!

29.7mm long

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5 of 5 Sproing November 29, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
These are springs. They are in fact some percentage stiffer than the stock ones as aptly mentioned. They are a challenge to put on but you can do it. I don't have any numbers for you but believe you me, they are different.

Don't lose those little circle friction doo dads that go on both sides of the shoes. You will shoot the sprung one across your shop and never find it.

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