vespa piaggio DR 43mm kit - 10 pin
vespa piaggio DR 43mm kit 10pin



43mm DR kit for vespa piaggio mopeds. 10 pin variety.

for all vespa mopeds and kinetic.

bad dude kit for vespa, boost ports, simple cast iron design for durability and performance. like most all the 43mm kits, it fits in your stock cases. all you will want to do, is case match.

comes with cylinder, dual ring piston, rings, wrist pin, clips and base gasket.

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banger May 8, 2017
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
all the dutch vespa guys run these for a reason. it's pretty much the best overall. great torque and low rpm performance + revs out seemingly forever

warning, the exhaust flange is a bit fragile due to the ID being quite large. be careful and it will be fine. give it a good smack on a curb and it will break off.

that being said, this kit + 43mm polini head, gianelli MEGA pipe, 13 sha, drilled out intake, maxed out rotary pad, mazzi anticipato crank, 80 pulley and malossi shoes gets me to 48.6 REAL fast

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