vespa piaggio DR 38.4mm 50cc kit - 12 pin
vespa piaggio DR 38.4mm 50cc kit - 12 pin




38.4mm DR kit for vespa piaggio mopeds. 12 pin variety.

for all vespa mopeds and kinetic.

features a nice port map!! exhaust port is huge! transfers are nicely sized!! big ol boost ports! this is a total ripper for a 50 kit i hear

comes with cylinder, dual ring piston, rings, wrist pin, and clips. no gaskets!!

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5 of 5 great gains over stock cyl July 15, 2016
taco eater : Will caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
have this on my citta and it's pretty impressive. with a proma circuit, 13:13, no case match, stock euro roller crank and a no decomp malossi head in it's prime it was pulling upper 30's MAYBE low 40s.

i have like 1500+ miles on this kit with absolutely no maintenance and it's still running strong. its lost a lil oomph but that's what happens.

like all cast iron kits, chamfer it up. if you prep it right and break it in this kit will last you thousands of slightly fast than stock miles

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