vespa piaggio CNC'd steel racing driven pulley plates
vespa piaggio CNC'd steel racing driven pulley plates


pulley size

new CNC'd steel rear driven pulley plates!! the plates have a linear ramp angle unlike the stock plates which have a sharp drop-off near full variation. the ramp angles are also a bit more aggressive for smoother and faster acceleration.

available in the following sizes:

-90mm (stock size for US pulleys)

-100mm (stock size for later EURO pulleys)

-102mm (note these ones are NOT chrome plated!! they are raw steel)

-108mm!! oversize for maximum takeoff

we've had awesome results on the bikes we've tested these on (100mm)!! totally worth the money and makes a massive difference!!

NOTE!! for ciao, 100mm/108mm will NOT fit without modifying the frame. the cheeks are just too large to fit and you must bend/cut a small amount of material to achieve clearance.

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worth every penny February 7, 2018
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
wow yeah, these are so awesome. they provide linear variation across the whole range. I am currently using the 100mm ones with a euro clutch, CNC steel bell, mild clutch springs and malossi yellow contra.

paired with a polini variator, it's hands down the BEST "bolt and go" solution for variated vespa.

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108mm - They are nicely machined October 25, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
These are machined very nicely. I did need to clean up the little tabs on the inner cheek a hair.

So there really isn't a belt that fits the 108mm pulley very well. I am using an ax40 now and it works, but it does not use all of the rear pulley.

The front vespa pulley is ~13mm wide at it's lowest. To have a belt that sits on the edge of the rear pulley it needs to be somewhere from 15-17mm wide. With a wider belt, it will not sit flush with the piston pin in the front or whatever the shit they call it. A BX40 fits the rear pulley great, but the front is too narrow.

Idk, you might as well run a 100mm pulley unless you have a way to space the front pulley out.

UPDATE: The belt i found to work best with polini variator is a Dayco 17415. 6 dollars at autozone.
I like to think the guys that designed this did that on purpose. It sits in the rear pulley better than the ax40 and has ample tension. Still doesnt ride the edge, but it's closer. The Search continues.

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