vespa piaggio CNC'd aluminum rear transmission cover - variated
vespa piaggio CNC'd aluminum rear transmission cover - variated


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new aluminum CNC'd vespa piaggio for variated rear transmissions! the stock transmission covers are known to break under high power setups. planning on building a land speed record setting vespa? you'll probably need this.

this cover is completely redesigned and uses stronger sealed bearings instead of the caged roller type that the stock cover does!

plus it has a super cool vented fill plug!

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5 of 5 With my aggressive hammer it in lifestyle..... February 20, 2017
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
With my aggressive hammer it in lifestyle I did manage to crack one of my OEM front varaited transmission hubs, this hub is going to house my Malossi 8:93:1 gears. The clutch output shaft is an extremely tight fit; I’ve been told by a Vespa higher power that it’s an “Interference fit”, so I will be putting my Malossi 8:49:1 gears in the freezer in the hopes of squeezing that bad boy into this CNC made front hub…..wish me luck

EDIT (2.14.17) - All the CNC bearings are interference fit, solution put your gears in the freezer for a few hours and they will slide into place A++

Edit (2.19.17) I still had to grind the radius of the final gear drive to fit in with my frozen Malossi gears.

With the stock gear set they needed a lot more addressing then the Malossi gears. The stock clutch output shaft needed the most addressing by far, the radius' of all the stock gears needed to be ground down a bit to fit into the CNC housing but overall worth the time I put in.

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