vespa piaggio CIF complete variated gear box rebuild kit
vespa piaggio CIF complete variated gear box rebuild kit


vespa piaggio moped CIF brand complete variated gear box rebuild kit!

comes with all the gaskets, seals, bearings, shims, washers, woodruff key!! yaaa

total party

ultimate guide to using this rebuild kit can be found here !! yes! instructions, amazing!!!

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5 of 5 the goods February 21, 2014
taco eater : Graham Motzing from AUSTIN, TX United States  
this is a super duper kit here, you got everything you need to rebuild your variated gearbox. Its pretty cheap, and the bearings say 'germany' on them, they are SKF i think, not some junk. I kinda assumed they would be junk at this price.

I mean really, for 40 bucks you can barely go out and buy the bearings yourself, not to mention all those crazy shims.

Gaskets were pretty good too, but i had to cut a different case gasket to get my end float just right. You got all the shims you need in there so replace them while you're at it.

Make sure your end float is good before you fill it with oil, ok, i forgot to do that and it made my hands smell like cat pee for a week.

Use synthetic gear oil if you want to avoid that whole cat-pee-smellin' thing.

what else, i dunno, figure it out. I got bearing and seal driver tools comin' out soon from the Moped Factory

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