vespa piaggio BITURBO reed valve 43mm kit - 10pin
vespa piaggio BITURBO reed valve 43mm kit - 10pin


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biturbo whatever vespa piaggio moped reed valve 10 pin kit!!!!

it's 43mm, so about 65cc or so. only comes in 10pin so ya need a 10pin crank.

it slides right into a stock case with no case boring, and the transfer ports practically line up with the stock ones. these ones are pretty small but open up inside the cylinder for some high velocity flowin. also features thrusting pulsar ports, or was it pulsing thruster ports. power holes everywhere. anyway there are secret passages on either side of the cylinder and they lead to holes on the piston so who knows what happens in there but i'm sure it's powerful. side power flutes ad extra speed to the kit. exhaust port leads straight down and is bridged where the engine stud passes through. use any type of puch like pipe, tomos, what ever. it has that same 43mm apart studs. with some cut n pastey required. other than that it's just a regular old reed valve cylinder induction vespa kit. the only one i've ever seen in real life! uses the same peugeot, puch polini, tomos two petal reed block pattern. doesn't come with any reed block tho, so you must find one. single petal looks like your only option.

***YOU WILL NEED TO CUT THE CASES. check out the last pic, the exhaust port runs right up to case. ***

only other thing i will say is that the casting is a little ify. so there are no returns on this for casting flaws. the nikasil is pitted on the very back the skirt on some of em and looks a lil sketchy tbh. beware. im going to try this out. it's so cool!!! oh and you gotta either block off your regular intake of be a boss and run dual carbs like on your vw bug

comes with cylinder, single ring piston with ring and 10pin wrist pin and clips. no gaskets!!! and a box that says biturbo.

possibly the coolest vespa kit ever made. very limited edition, very new old stock.

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