vespa piaggio 100mm rear clutch/driven pulley assembly for VARIATED setups
vespa piaggio 100mm rear clutch/driven pulley assembly



new vespa variator clutch assembly for variated vespas and kinetic. this is the rear assembly. comes with everything shown. stronger 3 step type bell found on grande n such. very nice i might say.

the driven pulley outer diameter is 100mm, which is larger than what came on stock variated bikes in the US. this means more badass rippin off the line action because the belt starts a shorter gear ratio!! yay!

all bearings and seals are in there and ready to go. comes with the starter clutch and everything you would expect to find here.

NOTE: the starter clutch shoes are installed backwards and need to be reversed in order to work properly. all you have to do is remove the large circlip in the bell and flip the pads. check out the photo and it'll all make sense. also, the starter clutch friction material maybe not be ground to match the inner diameter of the clutch housing where it grabs. if this is the case a lil filing to match to shape will do the trick!

ALSO NOTE: these come oiled pretty well from the factory. please spend a moment with some carb cleaner and a rag to clean the oil off the area where the clutch and starter clutches contact the bell/backside of the clutch plate. if your friction material gets oily it'll make it annoying to start!

ONLY USE THE CLUTCH BELL THAT COMES WITH THIS ON STOCK SETUPS!!! high stall, high power setups have been known to shatter these clutch bells along with the oem stock "3 step" style clutch bells. if you have a ripper setup, do yourself a favor and get one of the CNC clutch bells as they are much much stronger than the stock style bells.

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1 of 5 What i got was bent or just poorly made idk February 13, 2018
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
using CNC'd aluminum bell and the 108mm plates. only using for clutch because tunable springs.

The bell was oiled as they say but only that. The clutch pads are fancy newer material and not that metal reinforced asbestos stuff.

The outer seal was all dickered. Whatever Italian child or misaligned machine really biffed that seal. Took it out and reseated it. It's better but still binds the clutch a bit. at least it idles now.

I don't know if it's bent or what, but there is what one could argue to be an unacceptable amount of runout. Took the bell off and it is very easy to see the runout when spinning the wheel. wobbley wobbley

I put about 50 miles on it and the pads never really got a chance to bed in completey. the top edge of the pad was engaging sooner.

Seemed ok at best on a mild setup. Ran on a higher powered setup caused far too much vibration and it concerned me. I would like my parts to last and not destroy themselves so I went back to the stock clutch.

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5 of 5 Spray this clutch with brake clean first August 7, 2017
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
I didn’t need to swap my shoes on a few of the newer clutches I bought from Treats. I did however had to spray the whole clutch with brake clean. It’s a good thing the factory oils these clutches up, I’d rather have to bathe these bad boys in brake clean then have a rusty clutch arrive at my doorstep.

EDIT – (8.7.17) These goobs are putting these clutches on bikes other than Vespas and wonder why they keep exploding their bells. Long live the Rufus Reinforcement Ring! #RRR4Lyfe

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1 of 5 Make sure you wear a suit of armor July 14, 2017
taco eater : Ryan Nash from New Orleans, LA United States  
Don't buy this if you have a setup that is anything more than stock.  Used on a 60cc kit rode it 5ft and the clutch bell exploded.  It sent shrapnel into my tank (huge hole), dented the hell out of my pipe and destroyed my variator.

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3 of 5 maybe I got a dud September 24, 2016
taco eater : JensAroo from San Francisco, CA  
definitely saw a performance improvement especially with malossi clutch springs (i went yellow).

but the variator bushing tolerance was off, causing the variator plate to stick or be very hard to variate. lapping seemed to help, but I wasnt able to get it dialed in before my bike was stolen.

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5 of 5 Starter shoes July 27, 2014
taco eater : Hugh Goldspiel from San Jose , CA United States  
I put a malossi spring in with out the thin cup washer. One end of the spring was tighter than the other because of the tab wasn't super exact shape, so I played with it and both tabs sat perfectly into the holes! Outer diameter of the pulley seems bigger than stock, and come with much better quality shoes.Take the starter clutch shoes off, sand them smooth, then flip them around they come installed backwards for some reason.. UPDATE- do not put any oil or grease at all on the starter clutch side, and invest in a good grease for the bearings so it won't splash up on the starter shoe surface. Also this item needs a ton of break in to ride properly. It takes a mihunte to seat all the shoes in properly. Also to prevent clutch dragging at idle you need the variated euro clutch smaller shoe springs as well. This is a much better clutch than the older Versions. With this you feel the power band way more, and need to lighten your weights as well..

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