vespa olympia party - 10 pin
vespa olympia party - 10 pin


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

treatland's very first complete budget party to get your vespa ripping! having a hard time trying to decide what ya want for your vespa? look no further! this is a collection of solid performance parts for the mopedder on a budget. man this party is so sick, gets me all nostalgic about the ciao lifestyle i used to live. hmmm

-43mm olympia kit with head for 10mm wrist pins
-tecno circuit exhaust
-dellorto 13:13 SHA carb
-olympia high flow air filter

***be sure to measure your existing wrist pin prior to ordering! we have a 10mm wrist pin version and a 12mm version. vespa's tend to come stock with 12mm wrist pins in the US and 10mm in europe. there is no way to tell other than taking off your existing cylinder, removing the wrist pin, and measuring it. measure or be sorry i totally warned ya just remember that***

this kit is a perfect upgrade for anyone who wants more power without having to do much work. just bolt it on and up-jet. no case matching required. bolt and go! simple cast iron design for lasting performance!

REMEMBER! you need to get jets for your sweet new 13:13 cause you'll be bummed if you don't. check out mopedarmy and see what other people are jetting similar setups at. best grab a couple jet ranges to be safe! i warned ya.

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