vespa moped top racing crank 10pin
vespa moped top racing crank 10pin



whoa! super hi quality TOP racing crank.

Oh the feel of this metal is too much for me to take, so smooth, so strong, so dreamy, enjoy.

These are not cut for a longer intake duration.

10 pinr

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5 of 5 great cheap, reliable crank May 27, 2017
taco eater : duece 7 from dunsmuir, CA United States  
yup. works great. even better if you cut it!

to the guy below, you didn't do your homework bud. it's pretty common knowledge that kinetic crankshafts are NOT the same as vespa/piaggio ones.

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1 of 5 Looks nice February 26, 2017
taco eater : Moped guy in the real northern Cali.( LOST COAST) from Arcata, CA United States  
Looks nice, installed nice on 2003 kinetic, until however like a dumb ass I did not properly match this one to the original that came out the kinetic. So as a I get the flywheel,spacers and clutch set up in.  the plate with the three prongs that the clutch pads set onto is raised just too much to lower onto and lock into the flat side of the crankshaft. I can however remove the spacer/shim that goes on directly after the flywheel that also sets into the space between the flywheel and crankshaft. And the clutch will now fit down far enough as it should. Anybody else but this for a kinetic and having problems? I just measured the old one and it seems the woodruff key Grove is off and the threaded end for the clutch nut is not long enough. Fuck this sucks.

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