vespa piaggio simonini circuit performance pipe black black
vespa moped simonini performance pipe circuit


 :*sorry none today*


black black metal circuit style for vespa ciao bravo & grande mopeds + si and boxer, what ever else kinetic too

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3 of 5 it's ok! July 28, 2020
taco eater : TERRY from Santa Fe, NM United States  
pain falls off if you look at it funny. doesn't fit the malossi 65 kit without some massaging, which is weird? malossi exhaust spigot is standard size, right? never used this pipe before, but have used that kit a lot lot and never had an issue with the pipe fitting. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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5 of 5 A No Restriction pipe! Don’t cut this pipe up. February 14, 2016
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY  
In one of the Simonini Circuit pages (I think it’s the chrome pipe) someone made a comment about “closely dark secrets lie within”. Don’t believe the hype! This pipe is a straight through circuit pipe. I was convinced that the rectangular baffle was a restrictor point like some pipes. It’s not! I did some investigating and was going to do major surgery on the baffle, drill out the rivets and cut any/all of the restricting out. There isn’t one. The baffle is a straight through glorified glasspack. So leave this pipe alone no need to do any reconstructive surgery on this one. Mount and blast to the moon.

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