vespa malossi MP-ONE engine case - CDI
vespa malossi MP-ONE engine case - CDI



NEW for 2018!!! the re-designed malossi reed valve cases just got even better!

now featuring 4 studs!!! what is the 4th stud for? who knows!! but malossi seems to be hinting at releasing a proprietary kit (watercooled? aircooled? super blaster?!) in the near future for this stud pattern. amazing.

the transfers have also been updated for better flow with the cast iron 46.6mm kits and the DEPS kits

comes with an intake for dellorto 13.13 carburetor mounting, nuts, bolts, VITON crankshaft seal, special rubber coated 4 petal read block, gaskets, engine studs and a 13.13 carburetor top and bendy! wow

you can also get the PHBG carb pack for the ultimate climax

note, the new version of the malossi case does not use a case gasket anymore!

this is the CDI ignition version. for EURO cdi only, these came on late model piaggio mopeds and have a 3 bolt stator. we also sell them here!

no, this will NOT work with kinetic CDI, those are designed for the points case!

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