vespa malossi 47mm 75cc big D.E.P.S. cylinder kit 12 pin - 4 STUD EDITION
vespa malossi 47mm 75cc DEPS cylinder kit 12 pin for ciao



NEW for 2020!! the malossi DEPS has gotten 4 cylinder studs for use with the malossi MP-one case AND a single ring piston!


there are a couple cool things goin on here...malossi has completely re-designed their exhaust flange system, finally bringing moped cylinders out of the dark ages!! this new design is exactly what you see in the scooter and dirtbike world. a slip fit flange where the exhaust pipe is retained by springs, and the cylindrical flange is sealed via o-ring at the cylinder and independent from the "bolt down" flange. amazing. well not really since this tech has been around for ages but amazing to see on a moped cylinder.

next up is the addition of MASSIVE proper side transfers to the cylinder! of course, these line up perfectly with updated malossi MP-one case. massive flow, ya better get the malossi phbg carb kit on there to take advantage of it.oh and a big pipe.

and last but not least the kit comes with a couple base gaskets for adjusting your squish from super ripper to daily driver and a nice copper head gasket + viton exhaust o-ring.

Technical data
Split exhaust port.
Symmetrical transfer ports.
Centred, hemispherical combustion chamber.
Smaller decompression valve.
Six transfer porting system.
Gravity casted cylinders utilizing permanent steel molds.
Hardened and tempered high silicon aluminium alloy.
Machined on numerically controlled high precision machining centres.
Cylinder liners are silicon carbide coated with a galvanic nickel matrix
and diamond cross-honed to achieve very tight tolerances.
Heat exchange surfaces redesigned.
Exhaust and transfer ports designed and tested for maximum
thermodynamic performance.
High strength cast iron rings, wear resistant chrome coated, ground and
Quality inspected for surface roughness and form.
Cylinder/ Piston matched sets selected for 0.010-0.005 mm fi t.
100% pressure checked.

and it doesn't mention it but this kit includes two exhaust port options - one the stock 22mm or there's another 27mm included for all you hackers to use.

head can be used on either ciao or bravo/grande/si etc.

of course you must use the malossi case.

12pin variety

4 studs only


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