vespa athena 46mm kit - 12pin
vespa athena 46mm kit

alternate reality price $149.99


wow it's the vespa athena 46mm kit! this kit has some pretty amazing porting! auxiliary boost ports on the exhaust, amazing side transfers! this kit should be pretty amazing.. comes with cylinder, piston, two rings, wrist pin, clips, base gasket and stickers. sorry no head with this one baby!

this size requires you to grind the case out to fit the sleeve, as in it is freakin'll need a head for sure, check out these for ciao or bravo style. sick !

12mm wrist pin size - that's the size of wrist pin in millimeters.

get a replacement piston here

vespa mopeds - bravo, grande, si, kinetic, tfr - this will fit on any of these!


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