universal speedometer holder made by tomos
universal speedometer holder made by tomos



sturdy black plastic speedometer / tachometer holder for any bike you can mount it on!!!

will fit any 60mm diameter speedometer, which is the size of basically every moped speedometer. there is a punch out "tomos" extra hole for another gadget, so maybe you can run a tachometer or anything you desire!

for lx, sprint, bullet, colibri, tt classic, targa and targa lx originally

seen in pictures with a (not included) tomos speedometer. you can search for a 60mm speedometer we have here!

140mm spacing between mounting holes
two 6mm holes and two 10mm slotted holes
45mm of space between the bottom of the dash and the mounting holes (for your headlight to fit under)
two 60mm slots
two spaces for bulb holders in case you wanna hook up oil sensor, for the few people ever that have that, and a turn signal indicator light

tomos part number 222295

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