turbo kit MBK sidebleed performance pipe - NO BAFFLE
turbo kit MBK sidebleed performance pipe - NO BAFFLE


turbo kit performance exhaust pipe for motobecane mopeds! whoa side bleed?

NO BAFFLE! that's right, this is gonna be hella loud. for TRACK USE ONLY.

looking at the overall length and size of the chamber, it seems to be best suited for a stock cylinder or 50cc kit! im sure it would rip on a small kit too. hmmm.

clears the pedals, but gets really close to the kickstand so you'll either need to remove it or grind material off of it to allow it to clear! you'll also need to grind a small amount of material off of the frame to achieve full variaton (see photos).

also, the pipe mounts directly under the motor exactly like the stock pipe, so you cannot use a different engine tension spring like the doppler spring.

*** NOW featuring rubber bushings on the back mount for increased vibration dampening and longevity! YES!!!!***

these were supposedly designed for a spanish motobecane av10 model ... and just happened to find their way here as most moped parts in the universe do.

screw type flange, matte black high temp paint NOW in clear coat! so tiiiiight! wait wait, now in matte black again!!

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