trickMETRIC puch e50 hammer clutch version 2
trickMETRIC puch e50 hammer version 2


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the trickMETRIC hammer clutch for puch E50 : the smooothest engaging, longest slip, most durable clutch ever made for Puch.

3 sets of springs included for multiple tuning options, from stock to 80cc.
kevlar lined aluminum/steel shoes for long-lasting performance.
all laser-cut steel construction with brace already included and mounted.
no pins to bend due to the masterful design.
total weight = 440 grams

ATTN! there are NO discounts for DEALERS on these or taco points given, sorry! dealers if you want one please email in AFTER purchase.

more batches throughout the week!

version 2 notes:
Disassemble and degrease the clutch when you get it. Put red Loctite on the starter plate screws and blue Loctite on the back plate.

The new shoes are super light. Give the installed blue springs a chance before you jump to the red ones.

For those more interested in performance then reliability, e50 UltraLight Hammers will be available in a couple of weeks. There are only ten and they don't come with a warranty.

There is one starter plate with the graphic etched sideways. If you find it, you get free UltraLight side plates. (If you want them of course)

for more info, see here

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5 of 5 Art August 9, 2015
taco eater : delmer totten from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Christophe of Tomahawk Tuning installed and tuned this clutch for me and it is like riding a new Pinto. So smooth, perfect slip: just fucking awesome, thank you trickMETRIC.

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5 of 5 fucking amazing September 23, 2013
taco eater : campeona del mundo from inside the lair  
this clutch is the best thing to ever happen to e50s.

a couple points of interest for buyers. follow walts loctiting instructions! the blue springs that are currently installed in the clutch on the lighter version grab at exactly 5700 rpm. very very good for most setups out there. im running a ported a35 44mm airsal with a pipe that hits at 7600rpm with 16x40 gearing and its pretty much perfect. however, i will be gearing up and installing the red springs to see what my bike is capable of.

WHEN INSTALLING NEW SPRING!!!! chamfer or round off the edges where the springs grab on each clutch shoe. the shoes are laser/water cut steel so that edge is a perfect 90deg angle. with a high torque setup, it acts like a knife that can cut yer lil clutch spring. make sense?

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taco eater : BOOBGIRL from Wonderland  

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5 of 5 Do you like being a bitch? July 31, 2013
taco eater : Creature Ed from San Francisco, CA United States  
No? Then get this clutch and stop being a bitch!!!

This clutch is a game changer. I had the 3 shoe with race springs in my gila e50 and i thought i was a boss. Then I stepped my game up and stopped being a bitch and put the trickMETRIC Hammer on my whip and shit is like a fucking super rocket. I went to another galaxy and named a star after myself because I can with the trickMETRIC Hammer Clutch!

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5 of 5 Warranty is awesome May 28, 2013
taco eater : Jakep from Riverside, CA United States  
Make sure you read this though.,3411394

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