treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoes - 95x20
treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoes - 95x20



treatlandia's BEST stoppies are designed for maximum usage and extreme dollar value.

they are measured in diameter and width. so, make sure your wheel's brake drum has:

95mm inner diameter
20mm depth for the pads

square end is 15mm wide

comes with springs!!

and yes, you get the trippy rad box, too!!!!!!

fits many honda mopeds from 1982 and after, not for most pre 82 models

rear brake shoes for NU50 (1982 only), NX50, NC50 (1982 & 1983 ONLY), NB50, NE50, ND50, NH50, PX50 and lots more - front shoe for some PX50.. check your PX50 to be sure as there are multiple sizes used!

Should be the correct stoppies for your rear wheel on your honda NH50 Aero as!

this DOES fit Honda NA50 express II 1981-1983 models as a rear brake shoe

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