treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoes - 80x18 (circle type)
treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoes - 80x18 (circle type)



treatlandia's BEST stoppies are designed for maximum usage and extreme dollar value.

they are measured in diameter and width. so, make sure your wheel's brake drum has:

80mm inner diameter
18mm depth for the pads

square end is 12mm wide

post hole is about 8mm

NO spring!!

and yes, you get the trippy rad box, too!!!!!!

for honda hobbit front spoke wheels. and these are for certain newer moped and noped wheels, by newer i mean 80s and maybe some older ones too, check what you got first as different models and years of moped have different brake shoes.

these will fit most general 5 star and lazer hubs, double check though!

fits NA50 1979-1981 as a front brake shoe, NC50 1977-80 as front and rear brake shoe and NC50 1981-1983 as a front brake shoe only.

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5 of 5 Treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoes July 9, 2022
taco eater : Wayne Smith from Livingston, West Lothian United Kingdom  
These brake shoes are fantastic! I can't recommend these enough! The stopping power is amazing compared to the stock OEM type shoes.

Do yourself a huge favour and grab them while you can.

Thank You Treatland!!!

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5 of 5 brake is key January 3, 2019
taco eater : squirrel from amish country  
If youre into wheelies then you know the back brake is pretty much your life line. Since rear disc brake options are limited for mopeds, these pads are the next best improvement over stock. The grooves in these really seem to make a difference over other style pads. I can squeeze the lever with 2 fingers and get the rear tire to lock up when riding normally. No substantial heat fade either. Not bad for a little 80mm drum brake! As usual, make sure you clean the drum of old brake dust when installing. Safe riding

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