treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoe PARTY - puch SPOKE / 5 STAR
treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoe PARTY - puch SPOKE / 5 STAR


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

the ABSOLUTE FINEST brake pads in the known galaxy, featuring groovy high-tech slots to wick away water, dirt, dust, debris whatever else might get in the way of you and what lies ahead!

puch spoke wheels and puch 5 star mag wheels including:

- puch maxi, maxi S, maxi N
- puch newport, newport L
- puch magnum, magnum mkii, magnum ii, magnum ltd
- puch dart
- puch cobra
- puch AD autro daimler
- sears free spirit
- jcpenny pinto, pinto 2, swinger, swinger 2

treatlandia's BEST stoppies are designed for maximum usage and extreme dollar value.

they are measured in diameter and width. so, make sure your wheel's brake drum has:

80mm inner diameter
18mm depth for the pads

square end is 12mm wide

comes with springs!!

and yes, you get the trippy rad box, too!!!!!!

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5 of 5 Great shoes November 28, 2021
taco eater : Moped Madman from Murrieta, CA Independent Kingdom of Treatland  
Didn't fit on my feet like my boots, but thats shoes for ya. Once i stopped wearin them around and put em on my maxi they worked like they should, great stopping power and a must for any restoration. You want to be able to stop before you go real fast, right? Thats up to you, i suppose.

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