trail tech digital 30-500F TEMPERATURE gauge in BLACK
trail tech digital temperature gauge in BLACK



* NEW front mount button for switching between temp, max temp and CLOCK!!
* never be late to the rally ride cause of the built in clock! your boss will love you!
* measure engine temperature
* for 14mm spark plugs (moped size)
* user selectable display: 30-500F or 0-260C
* measures current and maximum temperature, resettable
* flashing dot indicates 6 second sample rate
* spinning-arrow activity icon
* peel-n-stick or bolt-on
* about 29" of wire

trail tech handles warranties on this item directly, contact them at here if you have any issues anytime!


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Don't seize! April 29, 2017
taco eater : Sean Zenitram from Tallahassee, FL United States  
It's cheap.enough and adds a very useful function, why not get it?  I love mine!  Thread it on to the spark plug BEFORE installing it.  No problems here!

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It works perfect February 28, 2017
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
It does what it says it reads you the head temp. Only issue is when removing the sparkplug I get worried because the threads never lossen up until completely out.  also the reset button is on the back so it resets on its own without you pressing reset sometimes.

The guy below me is just not being careful enough. Iv had my gauge for 6+ months now ( I used it in my grow room in the winter even lol). Yes I also pulled the wires from the terminal but it was simply fix with some soldier. I rode mine in 30 degree weather no issues and I'm planing on using the same one this season.

Update* its been about 10months & still works perfect, it actually saved my ass today! I'm planning on configuring a tiny pack for it after the sealed one dies.

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Works...burrrly December 2, 2016
taco eater : Pat Jack from NoLA Babay  
It'll work until it gets too cold out and the display starts to malfunction. And it'll work until you twist your handle bars to far and it pulls the wires out (luckily you can resplice them and it'll work again). And it'll work until the wires pull out of the 14mm eye-lite and then it wont work no mo. When will someone come out with a cheaper, more reliable temp gauge. This one is just too expensive for how crappy it is :(

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what he said January 29, 2016
taco eater : Jens from seattle, WA United States  
like he said, be very careful threading your spark plug in and out. dont force it.

i broke my first one. sad face.

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only review that matters... December 28, 2015
taco eater : Shane Johnson from Hudson, WI United States  
These work perfect for monitoring head temps. Its no EGT sensor, but itll get the job done. I have had 2-3 of these last years. Even out in an un-insulated garage in Wisconsin. Cut the spark plug washer off, install this carefully by spinning it on to plug first. When removing spark plug, make sure to gently pull up on the wire, to keep the copper washer high enough above the threading on the spark plug, so it doesn't cross thread and ruin the washer when you turn it too hard.

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