tomos vm20 UPGRADE pack - a35
tomos vm20 UPGRADE pack - a35

alternate reality price $149.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

for tomos a35 mopeds! stock or with a 70cc kit.

comes with high quality MLM intake, the reliable and user friendly mikuni vm20 with bolts, and a metal mesh air filter!

replace and upgrade the stock carburetor with the finest of parts!

find some mikuni vm20 jets here!

side facing intake!

22mm ID

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4 of 5 3.5 stars? September 2, 2020
taco eater : Dan P from MN United States  
Having trouble trying to decide 3 or 4 stars simply because of how much of a pain this thing is to work on (at least on my '96 targa). You basically have to take the jug off in order to be able to get on your intake bolts to get any sort of acceptable torque on them. Not to mention that one that's nearly impossible to get to because of how tight the angle the intake takes off the jug. Removing two engine bolts and loosening the third can allow you to tip the motor a bit and get you a little more room to slide that jug off. You may have to remove your petcock for this too.

It works tho. it works really well. I can't really knock it too hard, the amount of space the bike has is very limited. Not sure there'd be a better way to do it.

Working well with the Athena reed block.

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2 of 5 Poor make April 19, 2019
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Brooklyn, NY United States  
Poor weld can’t fit one of the bolts

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