tomos robot wide swingarm chrome
tomos robot wide swingarm chrome


straight from the depths of tomos wonderland, a beauty of a chrome swingarm for true rad chrome lovers, and I know yer out there somewhere.  I think this is A35, obviously if ya buying it you can look and tell though if it is what ya need or scrap metal for your chopper project.

dimensions ok... here we go!

total length from front mount to rear axle mount (eyelet to eyelet) - 330mm
wheel width at the front - 100mm
wheel width at the rear axle - 130mm

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The truth June 25, 2014
taco eater : McCringleberry from longwood, FL United States  
I'm putting this here because some said this was beefy.

In no way is this beefy. It is larger than the stock swing arm. This arm is very lose and gives very easily it is not sturdy at all, very flexy. Not the arm you want for taking tight turns at any speed. I have this on my neighborhood cruiser. Besides being flexy does the job of a swing arm.

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Chain adjustment? February 2, 2014
taco eater : Dave Cave from Richmond, VA United States  
Really love the robot arm with one exception, how are you intended to use a standard chain adjuster? The part were the adjuster normally rests is cut at a 45 degree so the chain pulls the wheel forward and bends the adjuster out to the side. Fortunately if you have access to a welder its not too hard to fix, two pieces of flat steel bar welded on either side is all you need to fix it but why can't that be done on the production side of things? If you are not sure what the hell im talking about go look at the OEM tomos revival/streetmate swing arm, it has two small nubs on either side for the adjuster to rest on, a crucial missing element for anyone who plans to go over 35 with this swing arm.

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upgrade for old nasty swingarms June 20, 2010
taco eater : Eric from Bloomfield, CT United States  
Could have been cleaned better before chrome. You will need another method to adjust chain tension. Shock mounts are closer to the bike increasing height a bit.Very shiny. The brake stop length could be longer. I like it.

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Shine shine on the behind April 23, 2010
taco eater : Tex from Austin, TX United States  
Very beefy. Im painting mine black but these are very good. Everything fits great and feels much sturdier than stock. And looks hella great!

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