OEM tomos speedometer cable - post 01 / 03 models - 790mm
tomos original speedometer cable - post 01 / 03 models



original tomos speedometer cable for all tomos A55 mopeds except for arrow. this is also for A35 revival and 03-06 A35 sprint and LX

about 790mm long

speedo cable threads are 10mm x 1mm

speedo cable inner square end is 2mm x 2mm

tomos part number - 217664 or 233129

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its broke January 5, 2015
taco eater : Justin from Los Angeles  
I installed this cable and it broke within the first 8 miles of me using it. To be fair, my moped can hit 50mph or more so maybe this cable can't handle that. Im going to now try the non OEM cable and see how that holds up. UPDATE: Non-OEM version was even worse, and i broke another one of these. That makes 4 total. Bummed

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broke before 100miles 2nd cable lasted longer September 6, 2012
taco eater : adam durbin from yorktown, VA United States  
I got this to replace my broken one had it on my LX for 88 miles and it snapped. Its routed the stock way with no sharp bends or anything and the moped is'nt kitted so I don't know what's going on           ive bought another one from treats this on has lasted alot longer almost 500 miles not sure what the first ones problem was but this one seems fine

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