tomos A55 original M7/M6 x 115mm cylinder engine stud
tomos A55 original M7/M6 x 115mm cylinder engine stud



OEM tomos A55 cylinder stud M7/M6 x 115mm - the bottom of the stud is M7 and the top is M6

the OD is 6mm, so in some situations it could help in getting an a55 cylinder onto certain cases if the stud holes arent large enough

you'll need some M6 nuts and m6 washers to go with this!!

tomos part number - 233716

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2 of 5 poor rating but the best available December 4, 2020
taco eater : john saltzman from Cape May, NJ United States  
listen, this is the most important review on tomos cylinder studs that you will read. Unfortunately I learned the hard way so you dont have to.The studs are made of incredibly soft, non-vehicle hardware rated steel.  To further complicate things the stock nuts are so thin that the required 11ft/lbs of torque strips the stud threads at about 5 lbs. so,listen... the battle to find studs that stand up is a loosing battle. (PS the same can be said for the exhaust studs)  however, if you go on ebay and find a 6mm nut that is 12-15mm more in length, that means it is long enough to have more threads and can disburse the required torque over more threads therefor not stripping the crappy soft steel of the stud.  Mistake #2 dont buy the studs made of better steel but with more threads on the case side.  the threads extend into the cylindder body and then you cant get the cylinder down over the studs so you end up snapping a stud.   trust me just order the long nuts and you will be happy. FML

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5 of 5 Tomos Head on Puch or whatever you want it to be June 13, 2016
taco eater : G Rashid from Dayton, OH United States  
Works great on Puch and using the huger stock A35 head.

Keeps my temps down a few degrees

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5 of 5 Kinda special parts these are October 1, 2015
taco eater : Adam from Virginia  
These worked well on a A55 12'. Mine was overheated so badly by hte PO, the head seized to the studs. Had to cut the jug off. FYI, the only way the studs come apart is after the jug is removed. You can not-unscrew & pull the studs out the other end. The only come out the one way. Keep it in mind. Quite a good piece of info to have. If the jug is locked on tight. "A cutting you should go". These also can't really be welded to. Just saying

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