tomos moped a35 70cc parmakit cylinder kit
tomos moped a35 70cc parmakit kit


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tomos parmakit 70cc 45mm aluminum nikasil lined kit. fits A35 engines with 12mm wrist pin

includes : SINGLE RING piston (!!!), rings, wrist pin , clips, cylinder and gaskets

get replacement gaskets here

get a replacement piston here

you can use the puch 45mm teflon coated piston as a replacement!!!

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worked August 15, 2017
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Baltimore, MD United States  
got this going on an a35 case with only a mlm 1.5mm aluminum spacer and a 1mm head gasket.  I got the teflon piston too tho.

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Can't Touch This June 16, 2016
taco eater : RedDragon from Louisville, KY United States  
Hey kid. You want the fastest Tomo in town? This is where you start...

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epic blasting May 21, 2015
taco eater : moody (mcr) from detroit, mi  
this kit with a 4 petal reed block, the teflon piston linked above, high comp head and decked/spaced on an a55 case, will rocket you to the moon.

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Instant blaster June 14, 2014
taco eater : Ben Roten from Columbus, OH United States  
Had an alukit on my a35 previously, and really pushed that as far as it would go. The parmakit is clearly superior, but has less tolerance to sloppy tuning than the alukit. I feel like I didn't really have to fine tune the alukit to get it ripping. But when the parma is tuned, IT RIPS. Definitely all around faster, better powerband, all around better kit.

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Best a35 kit there is! April 18, 2013
taco eater : Bobbycaz from Osterville , MA United States  
People that say this kit sucks just probable don't know how to work on mopeds. Needs a little spacing, so what people do it all the time with puch kits. This thing is well made and it's mean! If you put on an a35 you mite need to add a little to the transfers and you are gonna want to match them. Or you could put it on a a55 like I did. You don't need to add any thing just do some port matching. With a little porting and the a35 mlm Cali pipe this thing rips. But the porting come kinda aggressive stock and I promis you it will rip as is. Best tomos kit I've run. Blows alukit and airsal out of the water.

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