tomos OEM MC80 hydraulic forks
tomos OEM MC80 hydraulic forks



Tomos OEM MC80 hydraulic forks made by EBR! these are special thicker tubes, so they DON'T work on almost any of the triple tree parts we sell, keep in mind!!

sorta hydraulic...there is a drain in the bottom of the leg and they have fluid, but they're not super intense tech. super beefy and cushy though!!

for 12mm through-bolt axles

you can use this leg on any forks that use 31.8mm diameter tubes

Head tube OD is 20mm

about 31" total length

tomos part number 233887

if you are just looking for the fork legs look here and here.

***stay tuned as we are working on making these fit other bikes like tomos and magnums. neat.***

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