tomos OEM A35 BLACK n BLACK fork assembly
tomos OEM A35 BLACK n BLACK fork assembly


OEM tomos a35 black forks, per the tomos literature fits bullet, sprint, LX, etc etc

these forks will work on a variety of tomos mopeds

195mm head tube + 26mm threading

get a set of replacement legs HERE

and a top triple tree HERE

tomos part number - 232681

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1 of 5 peace of crap January 1, 2014
taco eater : moped man from portland, OR United States  
buy ebr there much better these have no hydraulic dampening with ebr drain the oil cause mine only had oil in one leg or you will blow a seal  but there great compared to stock tomos forks there crap I have a set  on my puch  EBR  for the money are a great buy and much more stable and you don't have to buy crome they come black and treat sells them at a great price

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