tomos OEM '03-06 sprint / lx FRONT fender - PURPLE
tomos OEM '03-06 sprint / lx FRONT fender - PURPLE


high quality OEM front fender for 2003-2006 sprint and lx, but use this on any bike you can fit it on!!

21" long, 2.75" space on the underside for tire
front and rear 6mm mounting holes, 1.75" apart

grab an upper fender stay here or get a lower fender stay here!

KEEP IN MIND, originally these were made for 16" tires, so if you plan on using it for 17", which is totally fine, you will have to use or make your own fender brackets to raise it up a bit!

these are original but show some age / may have a bit of rust / could have a few scratches. they have been in packages somewhere for over a decade in some cases so give em a break!

tomos part number 242130

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