tomos A55 dellorto 6mm jets #6413 - pick a range
tomos A55 dellorto 6mm jets #6413 - pick a range

6mm dellorto jet size

check out the drop down menu above to see what sizes are in stock!

you get 5 jets in the follow range selections: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

for tomos A55 PHVA carburetors! only! 6mm dellorto jets #6413.

will not fit in PHBG or SHA carbs.

also used in these dellorto carburetors: PHBH 26mm - 30mm, PHBL 20mm - 26mm, PHBN 12mm - 17.5mm, PHF 30mm - 36mm, PHM 38mm - 41mm, PHVA 12mm - 17.5mm, PHVB 18mm - 22mm, VHSA 28mm + 32mm, VHSH 30mm + 32mm, VHBT 27mm - 30mm, VHSB 34mm - 39mm, and PHBE 30mm - 38mm.

*if you can't add this to your basket, it's cause we are out of one of the jets in this range. so you got to buy separately, or wait a week or so.*

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